What are the inspection standards before CNC machining?

CNC machining centers usually do not require the use of special fixtures or other special equipment. When changing workpieces, you only need to adjust the storage of fixtures and tools, which can greatly shorten the production cycle. Secondly, the CNC machining center has the functions of a milling machine, a boring machine and a drilling machine, so the processing is highly intensive and the production capacity is greatly improved. In addition, the CNC spindle speed and feed rate are continuously variable for optimal cutting parameters.


However, before machining, the necessary inspection is still indispensable. So what are the inspection standards before CNC machining?

1.Check the coordinates

After using the fixture to fix the blank or workpiece, check the coordinate values to determine whether the distance between the center and both sides is the same, and ensure the accuracy of the center position.

 2.Tool selection, tool loading, tool setting, and copying the Z-axis coordinate number

Select the appropriate tool according to the programming checklist, and thoroughly clean the tool head and nozzle before installing the tool. After the tool is installed, use the calibration chart to check the tool for any skew. Copy the Z coordinate number and check from scratch to make sure the tool is accurate.

3.Transfer the program and start machining

Use a single block to run before cutting, adjust the transmission speed and feed speed to the slowest, slowly lower the tool, observe the Z-axis allowance displayed on the machine tool, and check whether there is any abnormality. If there is any abnormality, press the pause button immediately to find out the reason and handle the abnormality. After making sure everything is in order, adjust the speed appropriately and start processing.

 4.The knife is not worn, whether the processing is abnormal

During the processing, it is necessary to check whether the processing is abnormal or whether the tool is worn. If the tool is severely worn, stop processing and check whether the processing is normal.

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