Industrial Characteristics of Auto Parts Machining

The average annual growth rate of 20% comes from China’s auto parts machining industry. It is reported that the share of China’s parts CNC machining in GDP is also rising, and there are more and more precision machining manufacturers. China is expected to become the world’s parts machining center.


What are the characteristics of the development of China’s parts machining industry? First, the huge automotive supporting machining market requires strong precision machining manufacturers to provide support for the production capacity of parts; second, the local production of imported cars and technical exchanges enable China’s precision machining manufacturers to produce high-quality auto parts components; in addition, the mass market targeted by the joint venture brand urgently needs a large number of precision machining factories to provide low-cost, high-quality components.

Precision Machining

At present, the auto parts machining market has become saturated, and the market competition is brutal. Mainstream car manufacturers hope that China’s precision machinery manufacturers can provide cost-effective products and improve their competitiveness on a global scale. The level of CNC machining in China has been continuously improved, and cooperation with Chinese precision machining manufacturers has become the key to determining the outcome of major automobile manufacturers.

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