What are the precautions for aluminum profile processing?

The application and production fields of industrial aluminum profile products include: aluminum profile production, aluminum profile processing and aluminum profile frame installation. Aluminum profiles can be processed into various frames. The processing methods generally include cutting, drilling, tapping, CNC finishing and other technologies. Therefore, aluminum profile processing is a kind of sheet with greater elasticity. Can all aluminum profiles be machined? What should be paid attention to when processing aluminum profiles? let us see!

Industrial aluminum profile CNC finishing mold opening material

First of all, we need to know whether the quality of the aluminum profile is excellent. According to actual production needs, not all aluminum profile processing is a one-time processing. We need to determine whether to use extruded profiles for processing according to actual needs. In addition, we need to consider the strength of the manufacturer and the quality requirements of the control product. For example, whether the aluminum profiles produced are qualified products, whether there are scratches or defects on the surface that affect the appearance, whether the product materials are qualified, and whether high-quality products can be sold to the market with high quality and quantity. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the processed aluminum profiles are qualified

Drilling of industrial aluminum profiles

Secondly, attention should be paid to safety production and product quality during the processing of aluminum profiles. All enterprises require safe production, so the machines used for profile processing require certain machine operations, which requires full attention to operations to avoid production accidents. In addition, if you do not work hard, it is easy to produce product quality deviations, such as wrong cutting size, wrong tapping thread, wrong tapping size, etc., or bumping and hard damage during profile processing, which will affect the appearance, etc., resulting in waste profiles. produce.

Industrial aluminum profile tapping








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