Material properties of CNC machined aluminum products

In the field of CNC precision parts processing, aluminum parts are very common parts, which are used in most fields because of their wide range of applications and material properties.

Aluminum profile processing

Features of aluminum precision parts:

1.The hardness of the material is moderate, and the tool wear of the processing equipment and CNC machining centeris small.

2.It can be processed into various geometric shapes such as plane, cavity, shell, sphere, arc, and heterosexuality.

3.Not easy to stain, easy to maintain and clean.

4.It has good durability and is not easy to corrode, and the special treatment process makes the service life of the parts longer.

5.Aluminum is environmentally friendly, can be 100% recycled, and has high recycling value.

aluminum die casting

The above five points are the material characteristics of aluminum products. Aluminum is a common material in CNC machining. Its material hardness is moderate, durable and not easy to corrode. In addition, the cost of the material itself is appropriate. It is the material of choice for most parts production companies.

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