Reasons for uneven coloring of aluminum oxide processing

There is an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum alloy coil, which not only has a beautiful effect, but also protects the aluminum alloy coil from external damage. But sometimes the oxide film will have uneven color problem, so what is the cause.


1.The working area is too large, the operation is too large to swing in the slot, the solution with the touch of the edge and the center, the renewal exchange is very different, and then the color generated in the oxide film is inconsistent. Oxidized workpieces have small rotation fluctuations and can be handled quietly, but when the solution temperature is too low, map-shaped mottles are likely to appear, which is unnatural.

2.When the damaged part of the coating layer is cut off, the outer layer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the inner layer is miscellaneous aluminum. Due to the large quality of the computer water-cooled aluminum row, it will produce vitiligo-like spots after oxidation.

3.Process operation problems: the alkaline etching treatment of the workpiece is incomplete, and the original part of the oxide film and dirt cannot be completely removed; immediately after alkaline etching, the surface is still alkaline; the workpiece is in contact with foreign objects during the transfer process. .

Through the introduction of this article, have you all understood the reasons for the uneven coloring of aluminum oxidation processing? If you have other problems that cannot be solved, you can also come to consult us, and we will patiently explain to you.

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