What are the specific advantages of aluminum alloy shells

Server cabinets with aluminum alloy shells are popular at this stage and can be purchased with peace of mind. The high-quality characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloys are their good appearance, light weight, good mechanical properties, physical and physical properties, and their good corrosion resistance, which in turn makes aluminum and aluminum alloys considered more cost-effective in many major applications. high. Under most natural environment standards, including gas, water (or salt water), petrochemical and many organic chemical management systems, aluminum can display information excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum shell

The surface of aluminum is reflective with a high aspect ratio. Radiation, visible light, thermal radiation, and electromagnetic waves can all be reasonably reflected by aluminum, while anodized and dark brown anodized surfaces can be reflective or instant, and polished aluminum is very It has high-quality reflectivity in a wide range of light wavelengths, so it has a variety of decorative design main uses and main uses with reflective versatility.

Aluminum generally displays high-quality electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Some special aluminum alloys with high resistance have also been developed. This aluminum alloy can be used in motors with high torque. Aluminum is often used because of its excellent electrical conductivity. On the basis of the same net weight, the conductivity of aluminum is more than twice that of copper. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of that of copper, which is beneficial for the production of heat exchangers, air conditioner evaporators, heating household appliances, cooking supplies, and cylinder heads and heat pipe radiators for cars.

Aluminum alloy shell

Aluminum is a non-ferromagnetic material, which is a key feature for the electrical equipment industry and the electronics industry. Aluminium cannot catch fire, which is critical for applications involving handling or handling of flammable and explosive materials. Aluminum is non-toxic, and aluminum alloy casings are generally used to produce utensils for food and beverages. It certainly has a pleasant appearance on the surface. It’s soft, glossy, and elegant, and can be colored or stained with textured designs.

Some aluminum alloys exceed structural stainless steel sheets in compressive strength, but pure aluminum and some aluminum alloys have extremely low compressive strength and strength. In contemporary daily life, aluminum has long been widely used in the construction industry.

Aluminum alloy

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