Quotation method for CNC machining of aluminum alloy precision parts

CNC aluminum alloy parts processing is a common processing method in the current processing industry. Under normal circumstances, we divide the quotation methods for aluminum alloy parts processing into two types; the first is calculated by man-hours, and the second is calculated by comprehensive factors such as product quantity, quality, material, precision, and man-hours. The first is relatively simple, and the second is generally used for parts that require high precision, high quality, long working hours, batch processing, etc.


The method of quoting by working hours; calculated by working hours, that is, how long it takes you to process the product, and what is your hourly wage. You can get the processing price of the product through simple calculation. This method requires you to know exactly what the cost per hour is, which varies from plant to plant.

The quotation is based on the quantity, quality and precision of the parts; this is relatively easy to understand, of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be much cheaper than one or two pieces, just like when we usually buy things, the price will be lower if we buy more; the second is the quality , the higher the quality requirements, the higher the price; the higher the precision, the higher the price, which is a must, because high quality and high precision will take longer, that’s for sure.


Aluminum alloy products are indispensable in many industries, and the demand is quite large, but there are many CNC aluminum parts processing enterprises, resulting in different quality and precision. Xavier Precision Components Co., Ltd. provides customers with one-to-one customized services, providing customized solutions according to customer needs, and business engineers follow up throughout the process. To provide customers with product quality assurance, let customers rest assured!

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