CNC precision aluminum alloy parts processing quality control process

At present, various industries are developing rapidly, the market demand for precision aluminum alloy parts is also increasing, the shape and structure of products are becoming more and more complex, and the industries where aluminum alloy parts are applicable are also becoming more and more extensive. Increasingly demanding. Then, quality control has become the first consideration for CNC processing manufacturers. Regarding quality control, Xavier Precision does this.

Aluminum alloy parts

First, the selection of raw materials; the characteristics and functions of different materials are different, which guarantees the function of the parts, and the purchased raw materials must meet the requirements of customers. Xavier Precision selects the most suitable aluminum alloy materials for processing after 3D drawings, samples and requirements provided by customers.

Secondly, it is the processing technology; it is processed by the advanced CNC machining center in the machining industry, which is characterized by small errors during product processing, high precision, and fast product forming speed. After the product is processed, it is polished and polished by the manual department to make the surface of the product bright and round.

aluminum parts

Finally, there is the quality inspection; the surface treatment of the product is done manually and after the initial inspection, it is handed over to the Xavier Precision Quality Inspection Department to conduct a quality inspection of the product as a whole. This step consists of three major steps: product size, weight, and appearance. After completing the quality inspection, it is packaged and mailed to customers. Ensure that the products delivered to customers meet the requirements or even exceed customer expectations.

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