Machining skills of aluminum alloy non-standard parts

Non-standard parts are indispensable for modern industry. With the increasing demand for high-end and customized products, the concept of non-standard parts came into being.

Its production corresponds to the processing of other machine tools. The process is more complicated, and the quality tolerance requirements of the product are very strict.

Aluminum alloy parts processing

1.To see how to process non-standard parts, first look at the classification of machine tool parts: the important parts of machine tools can be divided into: box, base, spindle, flange, sheet, etc.

2.Production process classification: Different processing processes correspond to different processing equipment (CNC machining centers, ordinary lathes, milling machines, planers, grinders, wire cutting machines) and other common processing equipment.

Aluminum alloy non-standard parts processing

The process of changing the size or function of the workpiece is called non-standard parts. Cold working and hot working are divided according to the temperature conditions of the workpiece to be processed. It is usually processed at room temperature and will not cause any chemical or phase change to the workpiece. called cold working.

Heat treatment usually includes heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.

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