Advantages of various connection methods for lathe tools

The connection methods of  lathe turning tools include welding, inorganic bonding, mechanical clamping, etc.

Welding lathe turning tools have sufficient connection strength and impact toughness, and high high temperature hardness. The welded inlay structure is simple, and the tool after welding has a smooth appearance and compact structure. The welded tool is dimensionally stable.

Inorganic bonded lathe turning tools have no oxide scale, no cracks, no thermal deformation and thermal stress, and the tool has a long service life. The adhesive material is economical, the process is simple, no special equipment and tools are required, and the cost is low. Ceramic knives mostly use this process.

Mechanically clamping lathe turning tools can maintain the original performance of the tool, avoid cracks, desoldering and other undesirable phenomena, and increase the service life of the tool. Reasonable tool tip radius and chip breaking geometry can be directly selected to provide better cutting conditions and ensure chip breaking. The cutter can be replaced and the cutter body can be reused.

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