Advantages of horizontal milling

Milling is one of the most common machining processes. It can be used to machine a variety of materials such as metal, wood and plastic, but the best milling machine for a specific project depends on the complexity and requirements of the specific design. Today, let’s talk about horizontal milling.

horizontal milling

Vertical milling machines are similar to drilling machines, while horizontal milling machines have cutting tools that are more like circular saws. Horizontal milling centers have many custom features available, such as multiple cutters or a rotating universal bed that allows users to cut at various angles rather than horizontally. Using a horizontal milling machine is equivalent to using multiple machines at the same time.

horizontal milling

Horizontal milling offers the following advantages:


Horizontal milling machines cut faster and, depending on the machine, can make multiple cuts at the same time. Chips are also removed faster when bagged and face-up.


Due to the increased speed and accuracy, horizontal milling machines are ideal for long or large production runs.

horizontal milling


Horizontal milling machines are built to last. Their size and durable construction allow them to handle larger and heavier materials without risking damage to the machine.


CNC horizontal milling machines also reduce the risk of human error by providing precise computer-controlled cuts and tight geometric tolerances.

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