Advantages of FMS

FMS is an intelligent processing system that integrates automated processing equipment, automated logistics processing and automatic information flow processing. FMS has the following advantages:


1. High equipment utilization rate. After a group of machine tools are integrated into the FMS, the output is increased several times compared to when the group of machine tools are dispersed and stand-alone.
2. Production capacity is relatively stable. FMS consists of one or more machine tools. When a machine tool fails, the material transfer system will bypass the faulty machine tool on its own.
3. Product quality is high. FMS allows parts to be loaded and unloaded at one time during processing, which improves the stability of the processing form and improves the processing accuracy.
4. Flexible operation. The inspection, loading and maintenance work of FMS can be carried out normally without supervision. In an ideal FMS, its monitoring system can also handle unforeseen problems during operation such as tool wear and replacement, logistics blockage and unblocking.
5. The product has great adaptability. FMS’s cutting tools, fixtures and material transport devices are adjustable, making it easy to add or remove equipment, and to replace processed products.
6. The economic effect is significant. The use of FMS can promptly arrange the processing of required parts according to the supporting needs of assembly operations, achieve timely production, reduce the inventory of blanks and work-in-progress, reduce the occupation of working capital, shorten the production cycle; improve the utilization rate of equipment, reduce the number of equipment and Factory area; reduce direct labor, enable 24-hour continuous “unmanned production” day and night with few people supervised; improve product quality consistency.

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