Uncover why more and more businesses are adopting 3D printing

3D printing has been questioned a lot at the beginning of its popularity, but after years of development, 3D printing technology and materials have made breakthroughs, and its application fields have become more and more extensive, and more and more companies have accepted it in the manufacturing process.

What are the charms of 3D that can make more and more enterprises accept it?

  1. The price is cheap

At present, the main application of 3D printing is to make various prototypes. Since production tools such as molds are not required, and there is very little wasted material, 3D printing has a very significant cost advantage when making various prototypes.

Now with the advancement of 3D printing technology, 3D printing can also be used for small batch production. When the production quantity is less than a certain value, 3D printing has a cost advantage.

  1. It’s fast

3D printing prototypes often only takes a few hours, and large prototypes take days. It used to take weeks to open a mold to make a prototype, and 3D printing is significantly faster.

3d printing prototype

  1. There are many kinds

Today, 3D printing has a variety of processes, we are more familiar with FDM, SLA, SLS, SLM, as well as DED, adhesive jet, cold jet and other processes.

More and more materials are used. Various plastics, metals, and ceramics can be used as materials for 3D printing, with various parameters such as precision and hardness to meet user needs.

In addition, materials that could not be printed before, such as glass and wood, are gradually being conquered.

3d printing process

  1. Molding is flexible

The molding ability of 3D printing is very good, and some complex geometric structures that cannot be achieved by other processes can be built.

This fully supports the results of generative design and topology optimization. On the premise of maintaining the same strength or even increasing the strength, it can achieve light weight.


  1. The quality is reliable

In the early days of 3D printing becoming popular, many people felt that the quality of 3D printed items was poor. Not really, 3D printing has always provided decent accuracy with tight tolerances.

In terms of mechanical properties such as strength and toughness, 3D printing is greatly affected by materials, and high-quality materials can provide very good mechanical properties.

However, due to technological reasons, the surface of 3D printed parts cannot avoid layering, but through post-processing, it can also be compromised.

It is precisely because of the continuous development and breakthrough of 3D printing technology that it has the above advantages, making 3D printing more and more popular.

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